Friday, February 25, 2011

Self Portrait with Christelle 3

“No use hiding your face Christelle. You can hide just about as much as I can in this shot. But you might as well not show your face since I am not either. Of course, everyone wants to see you. Who would want to see me. So you’d think that hiding your face is indicative of your modesty, but what about the magnificent rest of you?”

I am just being a bit playful and somewhat sarcastic. Let’s face it, how serious does one get when faced with the creativity of artistic nude photography. I am still doing it… being sarcastic, that is. Of course it’s serious. It’s possibly about the most serious kind of photography next to journalism photography, where covering the victims of a war torn part of the world or the hardships of a third world society that is impoverished and depleted so as to tear-up a photographer, emotionally. Actually, compared to these, this kind of art is not only pleasurable but downright fulfilling. Not to say that it is not emotional. There is a great deal of emotion that passes between photographer and model. It is, at least, for THIS photographer with HIS models.

So look carefully. Observe actively. There it is. One need but to open one’s eyes and see. This is a reality that can not exist in any other way. At least not one that I know of.

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