Sunday, February 27, 2011

Christelle, oui ou non?

Christelle, oui ou non?
Originally uploaded by Sol Lang
Covering up your nakedness with a knitted woolen garment that has a pattern with large holes will not give you the modesty you seek. And anyway, you are just pretending to cover yourself up. You really do want to expose yourself to me. It arouses you to watch me take in every goose-pimpled inch of your soft white, cold-induced quivering skin. I know I am right because the expression on your face tell me so. And you are a woman who knows and gets what she wants. So I pretend to be unaware of this, even though the atmosphere is as tense and intense as can be. If it were not for your intention to pose so provocatively for my camera, I would think that these sensual moves are meant to get my attention and provoke me to step towards you and place myself right up against you. But such thoughts for a photographer are dangerous when faced with the task of creating beauty. A task that is all consuming. There is little room for anything other than “it”. But a creative mind wonders. And when the artist is a man immersing himself entirely into his art, sexual tension is a required part of the process. The honest collaboration between artist and model calls for an admission of guilt. But if admission is not forth coming, the proof is quite clearly visible in your eyes.

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