Friday, January 7, 2011

Milena’s Private Moment.

Milena’s Private Moment.
Originally uploaded by Sol Lang
To be a fly on the wall. To be able to observe without being observed. This is what makes some images more intriguing than others. Capturing a private moment in time. Observing the unsuspecting, as he or she goes through the day. Each performing his or her own little rituals.

We observe the elegant demeanor of a young woman as she undresses. Beauty without ceremony. A classic nude. An image that is an icon in the making.

But I have questions to ask of you, dear readers. Questions that will force introspection and require honesty and self awareness. How does this image make you feel? What emotions or passions does it percolate in you? What grand romantic writings does it inspire? Does it require much thought, or do the answers rise to the surface like oil on water?

Your expressive responses will further inspire me to question, produce and create.

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