Friday, January 7, 2011

Exploiting Milena

Exploiting Milena
Originally uploaded by Sol Lang
In appreciating beauty and youth, I could only assume that as a man one may think of me as having unsavory sexual motives, when confronted with such beauty. Even if it is not expressed, looking around me, I see many a raised eyebrow, speaking much louder than words. I am living in a world where morality comes from religion and is dictated to me through ignorance in its attempt to impose power over me. Even though I feel liberated from the clutches of religion, the morals associated with sexuality are deeply embedded into my sub-conscience. One must ask oneself – why do we have feelings of guilt when thinking sexual thoughts? Why are they so, to be referred to by some as “impure”? Would we really all behave like animals, without rules or morality were it not for religion? Are we to believe that without religion we can not be moral beings by just applying our collective human wisdom and rational thought?

And what about Milena’s thoughts. Are we to believe that her’s is just a vacant gaze? If we could just read them by peering into her eyes, a revelation of deep passion and a sense of her own sexuality would very likely be revealed.

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