Tuesday, September 25, 2012

She Sits Like a Queen on Her Throne...

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She Sits Like a Queen on Her Throne...

...and yet, outwardly, there seems to be no connection between this sultry redhead and world issues such as politics, religion, the environment or other social concerns. But wait! Upon some closer scrutiny, a message does seem to appear. It is the same message that is always suppressed when anything smacks of sexuality, even if only slightly. Why then would that be? Politicians stay away from the subject because like religion or abortion, it is much too controversial and can easily split a voting public right down the middle. Freedom of choice, to-date, has not been too good for elections. So, too has sexuality. It is deemed to be private. Secret. Even in the most “normal” sense, it is a taboo subject. In some circles of our society, it is considered deviant even to just discuss it. It is, especially, considered a taboo subject when compared with what are considered more “higher-brow” concerns such as politics, religion, literature, the environment, medicine or world finance. And yet sexuality affects us all. Psychologists tell us that to suppress it or pretend it isn’t there can be hazardous to individuals and society alike. So we would rather wonder, why do we have so many sexually driven crimes and why, even-though they are reprehensible, do they get so much attention in the media? Why do they inspire and provoke the imagination of a vast audience?

The large version is a must see.

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